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We provide fresh, innovative lead generation
and marketing solutions designed to withstand
the pressures of the modern business world.
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Leading the Way
We are an industry pioneer in lead generation,
as well as sales and marketing campaigns for
the home improvement business.
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Our team understands the importance of
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Welcome to Summit Promotions

Reaching the peak

Summit Promotions works hard to build effective lead generation and marketing campaigns for our clients. We value a minimalistic, fuss-free approach and understand that time is valuable in this industry, so we won’t waste yours on anything unnecessary. Instead, we will deliver campaigns and strategies that will achieve maximum results quickly and easily.

Our Mission for Reaching the Top

We aim to fulfill our clients’ needs to the best of our ability at all times. We have a highly driven and focused team here at Summit Promotions, and our team will continuously work hard until goals are met and targets are achieved. We strive to provide modern, innovative lead generation and marketing campaigns that will set our clients apart from the competition and connect them with the right consumers.

How to reach the Summit

  • What Summit Promotions Can Do for You

    The hard work and drive of all our employees at Summit Promotions has allowed us to work with a wide variety of clients, who often have very specialized, specific requirements.
  • How We Help Our Clients

    Here at Summit Promotions we pride ourselves on fast, efficient work, which means that you waste less time waiting around when you could be investing that time into the growth of your business.
  • How We Help Our Customers

    Many people in this industry believe that in-store, in-person lead generation and marketing is a thing of the past, but here at Summit Promotions we delight in proving the opposite.

Summit Promotions Follow Five Steps to Keep Our Team Motivated

Throughout the day, motivation can begin to lack after a while. Summit Promotions’s team consistently follow these five steps to keep our team positive and motivated. The five steps are minimize contact with negative people, maximize time with people that refuel your...

Digital Marketing Spreads to Bigger Companies and Summit Promotions Cannot Wait to Create New Campaigns on a Different Platform

At Summit Promotions, we  know Facebook and Twitter are two huge, dominating marketing platforms that are used throughout small and big businesses but Tumblr is starting take the lead in the new digital marketing age. Yes, that’s right Tumblr is turning heads for major...

How to Get More Out of Your Day the Summit Promotions Way

Sometimes we look at the clock and have no idea where the day went, we also know we are not the only one who panics when a few hours have slipped by without recognition. There are a few tricks we use to make the most out of our days, especially when we are at work. Each tip will...